Who We Are

Seniority Group’s philosophy is constructed around one primary tenet: when all is said and done, it’s all about people. The people we love; the people we care-for, the people who care for us. At Seniority Group, we understand the helpless you feel when your loved one needs more support than you can possibly provide. We also know how difficult it is to give your trust to another and allow them to help care for someone you cherish.

At Seniority Group, we take your trust and that responsibility seriously. We believe that our ability to provide you and your loved one with the highest level of service and support is based solely on the quality of our team. Because it is our most important priority, we have worked hard to develop a compassionate group of knowledgeable professionals with decades of combined experience in their individual fields of expertise. Our team will pay attention and really listen to you and your family to help you sort out your needs, make hard decisions and navigate your way through the complexities of healthcare, daily-living, finance, even family concerns or conflicts. Seniority Group’s team is our cornerstone, the foundation upon which our ability to aid and support you and your loved one is built. It’s all about people so, please, meet our group.