The Medicare website is the official government site for Medicare and provides an enormous number of resources including links to find doctors, other healthcare providers, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. The website also presents information on Medicare costs and coverage as well as medication coverage and options for different medication and drug plans.


The Medicaid website is the official government site for Medicaid and provides information regarding eligibility criteria and insurance coverage as well as individual state-by-state programs.

US Department of Health and Human Services

This site features links to more than 6,000 government and nonprofit health information resources on hundreds of health topics, including personalized health tools such as health calculators, activity and menu planners, recipes and on-line check-ups.

US Administration on the Aging

The United States Administration on the Aging is a government sponsored website providing resources for home and community-based services for senior citizens. This site helps seniors find local programs, check for benefits, including Medicare, find helpful print and Web resources and ways to plan for long-term care. The site provides information regarding health, disease prevention and wellness and well as information on elder rights and legal protections.

Administration for Community Living

The Administration for Community Living is a newly created governmental organization based on the premise that all Americans – including people with disabilities and older adults – should be able to live at home with the supports they need. The ACL was created to help meet those needs and works in conjunction with other US agencies like the Administration on the Aging to increase seniors’ access to community support, focusing attention and resources on the unique needs of older Americans, as well as their caregivers.

US Department of Veteran Affairs

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs provides information on special programs, services and support for veterans and their caregivers. Services offered to veterans provided by this and other related agencies include assistance to disabled veterans for home improvement (, acquiring prosthetics and sensory aids ( as well as automobile adaptive equipment ( A primary focus of these services is to help veterans live as independently as they wish.

Social Security Online

This is the United States government’s official Social Security website and provides information, regarding application status, disability, a calculation formula to determine benefits as well as necessary forms and contact information.