What is a Seniority Care Navigator?

Fifty years ago, when an older adult became ill or unable to care for themselves, a willing family member often stepped in to manage the details of their loved one’s life, usually from a close proximity. Today, living is more complex. Families are separated, geographically or by constraints of time and obligation. Yet, issues of care – medical, financial, social – are more complicated and time consuming than ever. Despite best efforts, it is challenging for families and seniors to establish their options and make decisions to determine their best course.

Seniority Group’s senior care navigators provide a way for seniors and their families to get the support they need. Our senior care navigators plan and coordinate the care of seniors to address their long term needs, improve their quality of life and maintain their independence at the highest possible level, all while advocating for their needs throughout their continuum of care. At Seniority Group, we apply our expertise in health, psychology, human development and family dynamics along with our working knowledge of public and private resources to each senior’s unique circumstance. We work as part of your team to achieve the best overall care and life-style for your loved one.