The Consequences of Inadequately Supporting a Senior

Without adequate personal and community support, seniors pay a heavy price.  Research shows that:

  • Healthcare needs of older adults are poorly managed, often with devastating human and economic consequences.
  • Older adults coping with multiple chronic conditions and complex therapies are particularly vulnerable to a breakdown in care.
  • Several known factors that contribute to negative health outcomes for vulnerable seniors are inadequate communication among providers across healthcare settings, insufficient patient and caregiver education, poor continuity of care and limited access to services.
  • Many seniors receive subpar treatment as a result of poor coordination and communication between the family and healthcare providers, resulting in poorer health outcomes for the patient.
  • 15% of Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted within the first 30 days of discharge from the hospital and 30% are readmitted within the first 90 days.  Many of these readmissions are directly related to poor communication and coordination between caregivers, the older adult and health care providers.